Why Must Modern Law Firms Use Electronic Payment Solutions?

As more businesses shift to the online ecosystem, law firms must also adapt to serve customers in this new environment. Being able to take electronic payments from clients is a part of the transformation that you might want to pursue. Before you start inquiring more about lawyer payment processing solutions, you must first understand why you should opt for it.


Most Customers Prefer Online Payment


As per the findings of a survey, about 75% of respondents prefer to pay for products and services with a debit or credit card. According to another poll, 74 percent of internet-connected households paid bills online, 79 percent had converted to paperless billing, and 70 percent said having various payment methods improved customer satisfaction.


According to another poll, 55% of customers use a checkbook only a few times. Sixty-one percent of 18 to 24-year-olds said they never use checks, while 52 percent of 21 to 37-year-olds said the same. Sixty-five percent of consumers expect to be able to pay a bill online or through a mobile app using a credit or debit card, and 79 percent expect service providers to offer the same payment methods as major national businesses.


Electronic payments are becoming the preferred mode of payment for law firm customers as the world moves toward a paperless future. Therefore, you should make the shift and opt for electronic check services.


Not Having Electronic Payment Methods May Jeopardize Your Company’s Image


Clients might consider your business as a failure when it comes to keeping up with widely accessible electronic payment options, which shows that your legal firm might not keep up with the latest business technology. Therefore, go ahead and adapt law firm payment processing solutions for a better business experience.


Advantages of Online Payment Systems


Offering electronic payment alternatives to your clients has several advantages for both you and your clients, including the following:


●       Acquisition of new clients: Because more individuals don’t have checkbooks, just accepting checks implies that prospective customers who don’t use checks may prefer to deal with a legal practice that provides them more convenient payment options.

●       Immediate payment confirmations: There’s no need to wait for paper invoices or cheques to arrive in the mail, and both you and your clients will receive a quick confirmation when making a payment.

●       Pleasant client experience: Clients will enjoy the ability to see their bills at any time, day or night, seven days a week.


A Revolution in Legal Business


In recent years, electronic payment systems tailored to the legal profession have appeared on the market. These payment systems allow attorneys to distinguish between earned and unearned cash and direct both to the appropriate accounts.


Furthermore, the processing costs are deducted from the lawyer’s or firm’s operational money rather than the money that the client or a third party may lawfully own. Businesses are starting to realize that these fees are just another expense of doing business that should be factored into their overhead.


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