Month: May 2021

10 Ways of Using Payments to Drive Business Growth and Improve Customer Experience in the Insurance Industry

Insurance payment processing is a complex system of many moving pieces, including insurers, hospitals, web aggregators, operators, dealers, and other third parties. Premium collections, policy renewals, commission payments, agent benefits, claim settlements, and policy refunds are only a few of the insurance payment services that might seem complicated to implement. We’ve come forward with 5 ways payments can

4 Innovative Ways to Modernize Your Accounting Firm in 2021

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the prospects of modernizing your accounting business. As it stands, there are several actions to take. There are cloud-based accounting tools to introduce, going paperless, exploring new ways to handle the customers and staff, and so on. However, the change is worthwhile and can be made at your

How Can High-Risk Merchant Services Help Companies With Payment Processing?

Payment processing can prove to be one of the big obstacles for a business. This is especially true for companies classified as high-risk merchants. Some of the reasons that certain businesses are classified as high-risk merchants are the convoluted rules and federal legislation that surround the goods or services they deal in.    In this