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Premium Payments offers cutting edge remote payment solutions. We are committed to helping businesses speed up their payment cycle. Businesses using Premium Payments get paid without any hassles or haggles of negotiation. Premium Payments is the preferred remote payment solutions provider for businesses in US. When using Premium Payments, you are in the driver’s seat and can create checks whenever and wherever you want. Our vision of a paperless payment ecosystem that supports real-time and hassle-free payments drive us.

  • Invoicing Package
  • Multiple Merchants
  • SMS Based Payments
  • Real Time Verification
  • Real-time business Snapshot
  • Cloud Based Interface
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We Serve

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Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Small and medium-sized business owners have too much on their plate. When you are expected to juggle multiple tasks, a cumbersome payment process is the last thing you want. If you are bogged down by payments processing, switch to Premium Payments to discover a new and intuitive way of making payments.

  • PayZone
  • Deposit Checks Online
  • A powerful open API
  • Business without borders
  • Affiliates and partnerships
  • Subscription based payment

Enterprise Level Businesses

Payment bottlenecks can frustrate managers. To ensure your team members have enough time to concentrate on more important tasks, shift from a paper-based payment process to a paperless system. There are more benefits of using remotely created checks than you could imagine, A few clicks is all it takes to create an electronic check. Additionally, you can safely store your electronic checks, as opposed to paper checks that are easily damaged and misplaced. To learn more about how a paperless system can benefit your business, talk to one of our experts at (954)-934-9004.

  • Corporate Cards
  • Automated accounting
  • Premium Support
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Packages Freelancer Householder Business Man
Control payout timing
Transparent payouts
Automate evidence submission
Collaboration notes
Deposit tagging
Technical support over IRC
24×7 support

Our features

Remote Payment

Send a Remote payment request to your customer and make it super easy and hassle-free for your customers and your business to create checks.

Real Time Verification

Our verification API gives you peace of mind by checking the Customer’s check history.It will Save you against bad checks and bad business reputation.


You can generate a while labeled invoice and build trust and recognition with your customers. You can make quick and easy invoice for every billing cycle.


Payzone feature lets merchant pay their vendors, employees or creditors much faster through checks. Simply create and send payments through email, no paper checks, no mailing expenses.

Funds Confirmation

Our Funds confirmation API helps ensures that the customer account is legitimate and validates the customer check worthiness and business reputation.

Cloud Based Interface

Premium Payments is a cloud based solution giving you accessibility from anywhere anytime on any device giving your business mobility and flexibility.

The Industries we Cater to

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The Industries We Cater To

We always try to understand customers expectation

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Our trusted partners

We have joined hands with several key players in their respective industries. We leverage our partnerships to create and offer cost-effective solutions to our clients.

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