Month: January 2021

Lets Bust The Common Echeck Processing Misconceptions You Have

We all know how overwhelming it was when we had to physically write checks, search for stamps, and go to the post office just to pay recurring bills. Today, fortunately enough, using debit or credit cards, and eChecks, these recurring payments can be made easily. Here we bring all the electronic check information you were looking for.

Everything You Wanted To Know About High Risk Echeck Payment Processing

The concept of electronic check payment processing has proved beneficial for businesses that are unable to receive ACH accounts due to chargebacks, refunds, or other reasons. ACH helps you to open high-risk echeck processing accounts. If you switch to an electronic merchant system, it will allow you to pay higher fees & returns than any other form of

5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Use ACH Transfer

Recently, a boom has been noticed in the demand for ACH payment processing companies. That’s justified, given the convenience and utility the technology adds to your everyday business transactions. Using ACH transfer indeed gives you total control over your monetary reserves while ensuring a seamless business operation. Did You Know? ACH payment processing services are everywhere. Although

Advantages of Using a Digital Check for Business

It is debated that cash is the most crucial thing in the world. While many people seem to believe that nothing is of more value than time and affection, others align their interests with money. However, let’s leave the discussion of material versus spiritual to the philosophers and focus on our topic of interest: cash.