Electronic Check Services – Simple, Intuitive Way to Process Checks Electronically

Electronic Check Processing and Online E-check Payments

Streamline your Payment Process and get paid via virtual checks.

Premium Payments offers a state-of-the-art electronic check processing platform. Our advanced technology allows businesses to receive
e-checks from customers swiftly and safely. Over the years, the popularity of electronic checks have grown immensely.

Echeck Journey Map


Starts with a business when our business wants to receive or send payment via checks.

Bank Account

Check is deposited into the business account using an app, ATM or in person deposit.


A check is created in Premium Payments system manually, with a payment link or through SMS by the business.


Check deposited is debited from customer’s account and credited to business bank account using ACH network.

Industries Using Electronic Checks

Benefits of E-Checks

Recurring payments with eChecks:

Credit cards might be the most common way to make payment online, but when it comes to recurring transactions, eChecks make the most sense. Premium Payments helps businesses get paid through recurring payments.


An e-check is much cheaper to process than a paper check as there are no handling, printing, and mailing costs involved. A few clicks are all it takes to create and process an e-check using Premium Payments system.


Electronic check will be processed only after the payer authorizes the payment. At Premium Payments, we are committed to creating a safe and secure environment, where businesses can conduct transactions confidently. Premium Payments features such as signature capture and real time verification are designed to help detect and prevent frauds.

Convenient and Fast:

Transporting and storing paper checks is a big headache, as they are fragile and can easily be misplaced. Electronic checks on the other hand are fast as they are electronically generated and processed. Premium Payments helps you save your e-check on your system for future reference.

Fraud Protection

Premium Payments helps you limit your chargebacks and fraudulent transactions and avoid unnecessary chargeback fees.

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