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Why Must Modern Law Firms Use Electronic Payment Solutions?

As more businesses shift to the online ecosystem, law firms must also adapt to serve customers in this new environment. Being able to take electronic payments from clients is a part of the transformation that you might want to pursue. Before you start inquiring more about lawyer payment processing solutions, you must first understand why you

5 Advantages of Using a Digital Check for Business

We are officially in 2021, and the world has changed drastically since the last decade. Technology has advanced multifold, and its impact is visible everywhere. It is because of this that we see more innovative and sustainable alternatives for just about everything nowadays. Let’s take electronic check services, for example. It is nothing but the

5 Tips for Hassle-Free eCheck Payment Processing

EChecks are a digitized form of conventional paper checks. Technological advances introduced a quick and easier eChecks payment gateway that is inexpensive and a safe mode of payment. Understanding electronic check payment processing can often get tricky, being in the long run of traditional check payment. However, to make the process as seamless as possible,

Lets Bust The Common Echeck Processing Misconceptions You Have

We all know how overwhelming it was when we had to physically write checks, search for stamps, and go to the post office just to pay recurring bills. Today, fortunately enough, using debit or credit cards, and eChecks, these recurring payments can be made easily. Here we bring all the electronic check information you were looking for.

Everything You Wanted To Know About High Risk Echeck Payment Processing

The concept of electronic check payment processing has proved beneficial for businesses that are unable to receive ACH accounts due to chargebacks, refunds, or other reasons. ACH helps you to open high-risk echeck processing accounts. If you switch to an electronic merchant system, it will allow you to pay higher fees & returns than any other form of

Advantages of Using a Digital Check for Business

It is debated that cash is the most crucial thing in the world. While many people seem to believe that nothing is of more value than time and affection, others align their interests with money. However, let’s leave the discussion of material versus spiritual to the philosophers and focus on our topic of interest: cash.

Why Electronic Payment Processing is the Future of Digital Banking

Electronic Payment Processing translates to a seamless transaction that does not involve any cash or checks, for that matter. The electronic payment infrastructure has evolved more and more, over the last few decades due to the increasing spread of online banking and shopping. As technology develops further across the world, we will witness the growth

A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Send & Receive Electronic Checks

electronic check system is electronic versions of paper checks. Electronic check acceptance faster than paper checks. They provide high levels of security. Every Time you use a traditional paper check, you hurt the environment. Echecks are processed online. They are digital and can help you reduce your business’s carbon footprints. No wonder businesses from different industries

Are eChecks Safe? | How eChecks Work And What Benefits Do They Have

Since the era of digitization has already begun, companies are looking for opportunities to provide their users and customers a better payment gateway than cash. Many countries are trying to achieve a cashless economy by taking their steps towards digitizing payments. It is a hassle-free way for customers and businesses to rely on virtual payments

7 Electronic Check Payments FAQs Answered

If you are still using paper checks, now is the right time to switch to electronic checks. eChecks are a digital version of paper checks.  There are several benefits of eChecks. eCheck processing rates are lower than card processing fees. They are inherently more secure and processed much faster than paper checks. Before you start