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ACH Payment for Non-Profits

Non-Profits are the lifeblood of the social development community in any country right now. What with government accountability dwindling by the minute – it is up to social entrepreneurs and SJWs to take up the cause of the marginalized and weave it into a success story. This dream can be actualized only with the help

5 Things You Should Know Before Setting Up ACH Billing

ACH billing and payments are gaining prominence. According to the National Automated Clearing House Association, the ACH network volume increased up to 6% in quarter 1 of 2019 compared to quarter 1 of 2018. This goes to say that the time is ripe for you to implement ACH billing on your website. If you do

How Can High-Risk Merchant Services Help Companies With Payment Processing?

Payment processing can prove to be one of the big obstacles for a business. This is especially true for companies classified as high-risk merchants. Some of the reasons that certain businesses are classified as high-risk merchants are the convoluted rules and federal legislation that surround the goods or services they deal in.    In this

6 Benefits of Using ACH Processing

Your business can only work efficiently and make itself available to all its customers by ensuring the various methods available for payment. Your customer poll would be significant, consisting of different people. Each of these people has their preferred mode of payment. Some may prefer credit cards, some debit cards, and yet some would stick

5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Use ACH Transfer

Recently, a boom has been noticed in the demand for ACH payment processing companies. That’s justified, given the convenience and utility the technology adds to your everyday business transactions. Using ACH transfer indeed gives you total control over your monetary reserves while ensuring a seamless business operation. Did You Know? ACH payment processing services are everywhere. Although

What are Merchant Services and Why Do They Matter to My Business?

You need to offer as many payment processing options to your customers as possible. When you offer more payment options, your customers are less likely to abandon their shopping carts and will keep returning. Offering multiple payment options is one of the most effective ways to build brand credibility and show your customers you care.

What Are ACH Transactions? Everything You Need to Know

Every business in the industry is looking for expanding its operations in one form or the other. However, it is not easy to broaden the operations of a company in any particular industry or sector. Since technology has seen a significant boom in recent years, the payment options and digitization of transactions have grown multiple

How Do Buyers and Sellers Use eCheck?

There are several downsides to paper checks. They can get lost, misplaced, damaged, or stolen. No wonder businesses around the world are switching to eChecks. An Introduction to eChecks An electronic check or eCheck is an electronic version of a traditional paper check. With an eCheck, money is electronically transferred from the payer’s account to

Is eCheck The Competition to ACH Payment Processing Companies and Electronic Cash?

As a small business owner, it’s likely to look for ways to speed up your payment processing and get more cash flowing a lot sooner into your company. While choosing your company’s best payment options, you might have come across ACH payment processing companies, and some terms like electronic cash and eCheck. But, without understanding

Why Using ACH Payment Services Makes Sense

An ACH payment solution can benefit your business in more ways than you could imagine. Thanks to technological advancements, same-day ACH initiatives are underway and have almost eliminated the problem of built-in payment settlement delay. Low Transaction Cost One of the major benefits of ACH payment processing fee is low. Because ACH payment transactions are