Month: September 2020

Hassle-free Payments With Electronic Check Processing

Are you tired of writing checks? Switch to eChecks. An electronic check or eCheck, as the name suggests is an electronic version of a paper check. Just like a paper check, an electronic check can be used to draw funds directly from the payer’s account.  Reasons Why eChecks Make Good Business Sense?  eChecks are growing

7 Electronic Check Payments FAQs Answered

If you are still using paper checks, now is the right time to switch to electronic checks. eChecks are a digital version of paper checks.  There are several benefits of eChecks. eCheck processing rates are lower than card processing fees. They are inherently more secure and processed much faster than paper checks. Before you start

Differences Between E-Checks & Paper Checks

Paper checks have been around for quite some time. Though paper checks are still popular, many businesses have switched to eChecks in the last decade. eChecks make good business sense. They are good for the environment, are safer and more convenient than traditional checks, and can help businesses save time and money. Businesses should allow