Healthy Payment Solutions Drive Customer Satisfaction at Auto Dealerships

The pandemic has made everyone realize the significance of technology and the need for it. When everything shifted online, a great change in all industries was witnessed. Thus, auto dealerships too changed greatly. 

A need for a healthy payment solution is seen in most sectors of the economy. Most clients of today are looking for firms and dealerships that follow precautions. So, we have made a list of ways in which you can maintain healthy payments. Below are some of the auto dealership payment solutions.

A Touchless Checkout for In-Person Payments

To keep their operations safe and the customers happy, dealerships are switching to systems that do not require any contact.  Below are some things you can avoid to keep your payments germ-free and safe:

  • Passing cards: Most people have switched to paying through cards rather than cash. Since the passing of cards is necessary for the banking system, these aren’t entirely safe. Thus, zero-touch terminals have come up to fill the gaps and maintain contactless payments. 
  • Keypad touches: Keypad touches also put the customer at the risk of contracting diseases and germs. Thus, it isn’t entirely safe. You must have seen ads with cards that you can simply wave to process payments. The same is done through phones as well. These are the alternatives that can be used. 
  • Receipts: Receipts have been eliminated from payments, but not entirely as they have turned virtual. So, you should adopt virtual receipts that are sent to customer emails or messages. 

Socially Distant Remote Payments

Gone are the days when customers used to enjoy fully furnished waiting rooms. Now, customers are looking for quick payments, so they don’t stay out of their homes for long. Thus, you should go for socially distant remote payments as well as calling in parts orders and curbside drop-off or pickup. 

While implementing socially distant remote payments, remember not to increase PCI scope or compromise the PCI compliance validation process. Here are some things you can do:

  • Card-on-file processing: Card-on-file processing is advantageous for the dealership as it keeps a track of recurring payments and installments. Aside from the firm, the client too has the option to pay at their own pace. Thus, card-on-file processing should be incorporated in all dealership firms.
  • Remote invoice payment request: Since everything has moved online, even automotive merchant services and invoices. Thus, you can use email to send a virtual invoice and request payments. It makes the payments safer and makes it easy for you to keep a track of all the payments that are pending.
  • Secure phone entry: Instead of going for a separate website, it is recommended that you use smart terminals. You can connect these terminals to your website or other platforms where you operate virtually. It safeguards all your phone entries and gives the client a safe environment for payments.

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