Four Ways to Streamline Payment Collection at Your Law Firm

With the advent of technology, law firms have changed a lot. They switched to e-signatures, electrical document deliveries, and many other things. The pandemic too affected the way law firms operated.

However, many office activities of law firms still revolve around paper and outdated processes. Thus, there is a need for a change and improvement in such methods, including payments. Below, we have made a list of ways law firms can streamline payment collection.

Request a Remote Payment for Services

The truth is online appointments are more convenient than physical ones. They give both the company as well as the customer the comfort of their home. However, the payment aspect of these online appointments is often challenging. One of the lawyer payment processing solutions is invoice payment requests.

You can use an online terminal and a single space where the customer can track all his payments. Then, you can prepare a digital invoice and send it to the client. The simplicity of a digital invoice is liked by all types of clients. Since the payment is just a click away, the option is easy and user-friendly.

Set up Automated Recurring Payments

Having all the client data in one place makes it easy for you to access all that information. Moreover, you can provide your clients with the option of recurring payments. Thus, you can keep all the installments left and the amount paid all in one place.

Streamlining recurring payments also helps in improving your cash flow statements as it lowers your account receivables. On the other hand, the client can get the benefit of recurring payments at times when he is suffering financially. Thus, an automated recurring payment system will not only give you benefits but also to your clients.

Collect Payments From Your Website

You can also add a payment option to your website. It is recommended that you do not keep your website only to provide information. You can expand it by adding a payment option and using it to schedule appointments. This way, you can make law firm payment processing easy. In addition to that, the client won’t have to switch to other places.

Having all your business operations in one place can make them more organized and easily accessible. Your clients too will be able to see everything through the website and use it for all other purposes. Thus, adding a “pay now” option to your website is highly recommended.

Take Secure Phone Payments

It is quite beneficial to switch to phone payments. However, you need to keep these payments secure and safe. One way you can ensure the safety of your payments is through a cloud-hosted virtual terminal. All you’d need to do is connect the portal to your website or webpage. The client will then log in with all their credentials.

After the payment is made, the client receives an email with the invoice. Make sure you enable Address Verification Service as well as Card Verification Value (CVV). It will make sure all your payments are safe.

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